Marcel Schmitz did the job on the drums, who has already been playing on "Keep it simple “. Dirk Mankel played the percussion , who had already drummed on my first album "Top of the Tree ".

All other instruments and vocals were recorded by me in layer method until "In Between" was born.

But what about the artwork itself, the back and the eye?
Well, I had to turn my back on some loved people and things, even if only temporarily. 
I wanted to express that even if I turn away and show you my back, I will keep an eye on you and everything. Perhaps until "All is Fine".

I hope that the new album is a success and will give everyone a lot of musical joy.

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"So I climb on the top of the tree- 
where I can see the world and the world can hear me"

in the year 2006 I went into the studio in order to record the songs that were developed also in the lesson with Paul McCartney.

Result was a concept album "light". I climb into the tree, study the world around me and sing my tunes back to it.

The Album "a day in the Top of the Tree" is solely acoustic, keeping away from too much technical equipment.

The wonderful artwork was created by the Berlin-based graphic artist Annabelle von Sperber, who translated Schirmer's idea impressively into a stunning drawing. 

The album can be ordered here or digitally on iTunes & Amazon.



"Now we're at the end of story, didn't really die in glory, something I have learned I'd like to share...
to keep it simple"

The album "Keep it simple" is not really simple, 
nevertheless the tunes are highly accessible and catchy. 
The listener decides whether to simply indulge in the sounds or to study the lyrical contents deeper.

They mirror very different feelings both musically and lyrically. 

You can order the album together with "Top of the tree" for a
2 for 1.


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Much passion has flown into my newest album.
Given the title "In Between" and the phrase "Everything is in between where nothing is”, the album my third solo album and was produced in 2014. Now it is released.

The 12 songs are the soundtrack of my recent years. An autobiographical musical journey between my life in Liverpool and my life in Germany. Quite fitting that the 2nd song of the album is titled " Liverpool -Please tell me how to leave you". Anyone who has ever been to Liverpool, and got to know this amazing city can imagine how difficult it was for me to pack my bags after 12 years.
But no one has to have the fear now that “In Between” became a "heavy" album. Although 'In Between' is slightly calmer than the previous album " Keep it simple", the songs come along in a very cheerful sound.
The arrangements are quite sophisticated and the instrumental style is ranging from Folk and Pop to Rock and French Musette. A focus in some songs is set to my first instrument accordion, which I always had the desire to feature in an album.

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