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Dominik Schirmer is former lecturer for Composition, Musical Direction, Jazz Piano and Music-Theory at the "Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts" (LIPA). He taught around 300 Bachelor-degree students and prepared dozens of young musicians for their auditions and studies in music. Dominik Schirmer is a Composer, Jazz Pianist and touring Singer-Songwriter. His list of references is long...See more...

All lessons include 1-2-1-live-teaching via Skype Screen-sharing, learning material, practical tasks and feedback.
Screen sharing means, that you can hear and see exactly what is happening on Dominik Schirmer's screen, ask questions and work on tasks or your music together -
1-2-1 and live on your tablet or notebook in your home, studio or rehearsal room.

You can book individual lessons or lesson-bundles with flexible teaching times.
Courses can be individually created to form your personal learning curriculum.
Email me - the first lesson is free.


You will learn the craft of writing strong melodies and expressive lyrics. We will find compelling chord structures and melodic material and learn about the art of arrangement. We will analyse songs and explore compositional tools and skills every songwriter should know. What's the hook, how can I find new and exciting chord progressions? If you like, you will also learn about the ways your music gets radio-play or how to create your own label and getting your music into online shops like iTunes. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Composition &  Arangement (Popular Music, Film, TV & Games):

We will discover many composition- & arranging-techniques and develop your skills to create professional music for the world of Film, TV & Games. You will strengthen your
 knowledge regarding the columns of music: Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Timbre, Form and Dynamic shape . We will work on real-life projects deriving from the Film- & TV Industry, compose for Commercials and create Audio-Branding for companies.

Jazz- & Pop Music-Teory (LCM 1-8) and Practical Application

We will connect chord-, scales-, melodic and rhythmic tools directly to your practice. The knowledge will make you fly through your improvisation and will strengthen the creation of your songs and compositions.
A good foundation is a necessity for anyone with higher musical ambitions. 
You may need help to pass your LCM tests or audition? If needed, the training will especially focus on these Theory test.

Jazz- & Pop-Piano

Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Billy Joel, Elton John... 
Learn some of the tricks and skills of the world's piano heroes. Often it is not even necessary to be able to read notes in order to achieve great results. Accompany yourself while you are singing, learn the Blues and widen your Jazz & Pop Piano skills. Let's hit the keys!

Music Production & Notation (LOGIC & SIBELIUS):

In these lessons you will learn all basics about desktop recording, mixing and mastering. You will learn about the notation software SIBELIUS and the music production software Logic X. Knowledge in both softwares will enable you to work easier, faster and will open the door for you into the world of professional music production and arranging.

Preparation for Auditions:

Stress and anxiety are very often the accompanist in auditions and can spoil your performance. I have felt it and witnessed it in so many auditions where I was member of a panel.
Here I will prepare to be on top of your performance on your audition day. Try it.


What is Dominik Schirmer ONLINE EDU?
Dominik Schirmer EDU combines the advantages of Online-Education with the essential direct and individual supervision of the learner. In fact it is an online “one-to-one” lesson. All courses will come with written information and hand outs after our lesson, so you can study at home until we meet again.

How long is a session and how much is it?

Your first session in which we define and follow your learning goals is free.

A 55 min. lesson will cost between £ 22,- and £ 26,- 

A 10-Lesson Bundle between £ 200,- to £ 220,-

How do I pay?
You pay via PAYPAL- easy and secure. You will get the receipt directly sent to your email address.

How does Online Lessons work?

Via Skype-Screen-Sharing my screen will be visible on your computer- or pad-screen.
This way I can explain things directly, show examples, answer your questions.

We can work closely on tasks and even create music together. Skype makes us completely independent from the location, no matter where we are in this world. And
there is one more fantastic advantage: If you want, we can take an onscreen-recording of your lesson. This way you can watch your individual tutorial anytime you like.
After the session I will send you all files online.

What do you want to learn?
You may want to expand on your harmonic knowledge for your songwriting and composition, prepare your audition or theory exam for university. Or maybe you are a beginner who wants to understand the basics of music theory to help playing your instrument. Maybe you want to learn how to compose for Film music? At my University I taught composition for Film & TV, Songwriting, Arrangement and Jazz Piano. In our free session, we will work out an individual lesson plan for you, depending on your musical interests, goals and needs.

Advantages of Online Education?
The internet is filled with online tutorials on many subjects. Unlimited availability and replication of digital teaching material, recorded lectures and classes are the great advantages of Online-Education. However one challenge remains in Online-Training: 

The direct support and supervision of the learner and the opportunity for
Question & Answer.

How can I book a session?
To arrange a session, please write a mail to







 Online COURSE

 Jazz & Pop Piano

 Music Theory

 Composition &  Arrangement
Popular Music)


 Music Production
 (Logic X and/or  Sibelius)

 Preparation for  Auditions at  University 
 (LCM Music  Theory,  Aural  Skills, Portfolio)

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